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Recycled tin doll house art about turtles dying at the hands of small children by Jenny Fillius
In Loving Memory of all the Pet Turtles That Have Died at the Hands of Small Children.
Reycled tin
12" x 8.25"

Many metal elements make up this piece about pet turtles. In loving memory of all pet turtles that have died at the hands of small children. I was 7 when my beloved turtle died, his name was King. I didn't know what to feed him so I just gave him lettuce. When he died I was hoping he was just hibernating, then he began to smell bad. I had a funeral for him and buried him with a music box. A neighborhood friend was there at the funeral and although I can't prove it I'm pretty sure she dug him up and took the music box. Washington State residents please add correct sales tax for your area.