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The Virgin of Guadalupe watches over a bicycle
Re-purposed printed metal
14" x 11''

More and more people are riding their bikes in Seattle, while motorists seem to becoming more and more distracted by their personal technology devices. I hope for both parties safety.

When I was 14 my father moved us to a small town in Mexico. The unpaved streets were lined with cinder block houses with tin roofs. The front yards were packed dirt; skinny dogs,chickens and naked children played together. I was sure I'd be miserable in my new surroundings, but quite the opposite was true.Fast forward to now and the things that surrounded me then are still with me today and regularly appear in my tin work. The color, religious iconography, passion, humor and especially the use of re-purposed material are all part of what I gained by living in Mexico at an impressionable time of my life.