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Pho, Viet Namese noodle soup in recycled tin by Jenny Fillius
So Pho, So Good
(Rich Man's Ramen)
recycled tin

Pho is pronounced Fah, it's a Vietnamese soup.There are 14 Pho restaurants in a 15 block radius near where I live. I've tried Pho in every one of them. It's delicious, filling and inexpensive. It comes to the table in a big bowl full of steaming broth,long rice noodles, beef flank and brisket. Hoisin sauce and Sriracha can be added for sweet or hot flavoring. A dish of basil leaves, fresh lime, jalapeno slices and bean sprouts comes separately for you add as you like. This tin artwork is a nod to a marvelous meal I eat on a regular bases.