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Yours to the Cinders (I will love you until the very end of time)
Yours to the Cinders #2
Repurposed lithographed metal
8" x 10.5" x 3"

This is the second tin work I've done with this sentiment. The story behind the phrase starts with my sister who thought I needed a St. Christopher's Metal for the old orange V W bug I bought. She's a bit of a worrier. Anyway she found the metal in Cornwall, England of all places and when she received it there was a note from the previous owner and he signed off with "Yours to the Cinders". How perfectly charming. Yours to the very end! So she started signing off her emails to me with it. I then took it and used it in my tin work.
The shelf that the tin toy bunny rests on is half of a napkin holder. The bunny still works and is secured with magnets.This would make a lovely 10th wedding anniversary present or a valentine to the one you love. It's priced at $495 and includes shipping within the Continental United States. Washington State residents will need to add sales tax.Thanks for looking.
Photo:Daniel Fox