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Two candy tin hearts have been cut up and "sewn" together to make one heart.
Two Hearts as One (Te Amo)
Repurposed lithographed metal
11"x 7.25"

The vintage tin bird on the top was originally a toy clicker. When it came to me it was broken. I can't bear to use toys that aren't. Working vintage toys are for collectors, they can keep track of our history for us. Me, I want the broken, bent, disfigured and rusty toys that have had a rough life already and are happy to be admired for what they are.Two tin heart shaped chocolate boxes were cut in half and joined as one with "stitches". They were both broken hearts that found each other and became whole again. The words Te Amo are Spanish for I love you.The heart is surrounded by flowers, a butterfly, a bee and a few birds.This piece measures 11" by 7.25"
Photo: Daniel Fox